ST ENGINEERING SRL Design and production of machines and equipment for the production of awnings, external and internal roller blinds, zip screens, pergolas, curtains and interior blinds.
ST ENGINEERING SRL was born 40 years ago with the name of BAT ENGINEERING, linked to the Bat s.p.a. industrial group.
The company grows, evolves and grows independently with its own identity and in 2012 ST ENGINEERING SRL was born, soon specializing in the already efficient machines for the production of awnings, roller blinds, pergolas, curtains and interior blinds.
Claudio Schiavinato’s experience in the sector of machines for outdoor and indoor blinds, supported for several years by his sons Enrico and Riccardo, allows to design, project and product systems for the storage, cutting and packaging of acrylic fabrics, screens and PVC, all rigorously made in Italy, fully customized according to customer’s individual specifications.
In 2018 the company presents a new model of cutting machine flanked by a fabric storage designed with the most advanced technologies. The success of the new models and the increasingly specific requests of the market lead to further developments and to the creation of the project “Industry 4.0” which allows the design and construction of machines for the

production of awnings with remote control of production and quality processes, through an advanced sytem of data transmission.
Over the years, the range of machines for both outdoor and indoor awnings has been implemented with cutting, sewing and welding machines equipped with a fabric storage, assembly hoist/bench for awnings and roller blinds, measurements machine for sale by the meter of the fabric, testing and inspection, increasing the range of available equipment.
Technological innovation and competence have allowed us to offer over the time other products related to the awnings production, such as plants for the industrial automation in the most varied sectors, always with the aim of allowing the customer to make optimal use of spaces and of production times, thus minimizing production costs.
We have an extensive experience, a high level of service guaranteed by direct contact and professional advice. The meticulous design phase as well as the rigorous quality control of the production processes and the materials have allowed us to consolidate and retain our Customers.
We export reliability, quality and passion to the world every day: all this makes ST ENGINEERING SRL your ideal business partner!